Friday, January 25, 2013

Sources - Requirements, Links, and Suggestions

Your paper must include a minimum of 7 sources.
One source is the book itself.
You must have at least 4 literary criticisms as sources.
You must have at least 1 book/hard print source.  This may not be a reference source, such as an encyclopedia.
It is a good idea to have more than the required amount, in case any sources are not usable.

How do I find literary criticisms and reputable sources?

1.  Use Gale - conducting several different keyword searches will lead you to critical essays that are not just specifically about your book or author, but also about your topic/theme.  Something listed as "Reference" is not a critical essay.  Reference materials can be used for the other 2 sources.  This would include things like biographies or book reviews.  The password is psmlrc.

2.  Use the Internet Public Library for Literary Criticism -
Again, utilize different keyword searches.  Some of the links are outdated.  Some are not reputable sources. But you will also find some useful material.  If you have a question about a "reputable source," just ask.  If you print Joe Schmoe's essay about your book, posted on his personal blog, with no qualifications, it will not count as a source.  Look for criticisms written by professors, listed on .edu or .org websites first.

3.  Use the Chicago Public Library - If you have a working library card, you can find many sources.  You can find your print source at CPL, or check the LRC.

Ask questions!  I am here to help.  If you want to print sources, please copy and paste into a word document and shrink/customize margins in order to use the least amount of paper.  Look before you print.  Don't forget to include citation information - use to create MLA citations.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Senior Paper Book List and Prompts

Here is a link to the list of possible books you may choose.  You must have it approved.  Pick at least 2, because I will not allow more than 3 students to choose the same book.

Here is a link to prompts/ideas you can write about.  You can write about more than one idea, weaving several prompts into one paper.  These prompts were designed for a shorter essay.  They can be extended into a longer paper by adding more details and including sources that support your thesis.

Senior Paper Due Dates

1.  Novel Choices                               due  2/1/13                                          20 points ______

2.  Annotations                                  due 2/27/13                                         100 points______

3.  Thesis statement                         due 3/8//13                                          20 points ______

4.  Preliminary Sources - Working  “Works Cited” list 
due 3/8/13                                           20 points ______

5.  Notes – annotated notes, sources
due 3/28/13                                         20 points ______     

6.  Annotated Works Cited              due 3/28/13                                         80 points______

7.  Outline                                          due 4/12/13                                         50 points ______

6.  Rough Draft                                 due 4/22/13                                         20 points ______    

7.   Final Paper - No exceptions; no late work taken  
due 4/29/13                                         100 points______  
  • Title Page
  • Outline
  • Final Draft
  • Works Cited


Senior Paper Information

Senior Paper and Project
Mrs. Sullivan
Graduation Requirement

     The objective of this paper and project is to provide Providence St. Mel senior students the opportunity to plan, research and compose a lengthy scholarly paper based on a work of literary merit.  All students will choose the novel or play they plan to do for this third and fourth quarter assignment and graduation requirement .

     Students will read the novel, analyze, annotate, do research for and write a paper, create a short teaching unit and compose a five to ten minute presentation using Prezi technology to share their work.  The eight to ten page paper will be due on 4/29/13  and the Power Point presentations will be due the week of May 6, 2013.

Graphics, illustrations, slides and visuals as generated by a computer projection device will serve as the technological component of this project.  This project represents the capstone paper for the year’s work in English.
No late papers or presentations will be accepted.

Required elements:
1) Senior Paper – 7 to 10 pages, Title Page, Outline, Text, Works Cited, Appendix
Persuasive Paper which argues an interpretation, traces key symbols, motifs or themes used by that author and the significance the novel has to contemporary American, British or World literature.
100 points

2)Prezi Presentation – Outline and informational and informative slides to present key characters, author style, themes, symbols, figurative language from novel.
Students will present a five to ten minute speech reviewing the key elements of the novel studied to teach to their fellow classmates. 
Minimum of five well-designed slides containing images, quotations and other important information from or about the novel.  Presentations begin May 6.
100 points

Rubrics will accompany all sections for student assessment.  This is a Graduation Requirement.

Novel and Author choices:   
Work of literary merit – student choice – consult with teacher for approval.

Please see AP Prompts with novel choices listed.  Any major work of literary merit may be considered.  Please check option with me.