Friday, January 13, 2012

5 sources with evaluations Part 2- Due 1/30

Remember to refer to the research guidelines for types of sources.  You should not just have websites or online articles.  Today is the day to search the PSM and CPL catalogs.

1pt x5= 5 pts: Each source should be correctly cited, in MLA format.  Use!

1ptx5x5= 25 pts: Each source should be evaluated in each of the 5 categories listed.
Total - 30 points


Senior Research Paper Guidelines and Due Dates

This is your schedule and the requirements for your Research Paper.

1.    Working Thesis                                                     Q2
2.    5 Sources with evaluations                       o         1/16                                         30 points
3.    Rewrite thesis                                           o         1/23                                         10 points
4.    5 Sources with evaluations                       o         1/30                                         30 points
5.    Note check                                               o         2/6                                           10 points
6.    Annotated bibliography                             o         2/27                                         150 points
(Includes all sources and thesis)                                                                                                                                      
End Q3 – 230 points total
7.    Sentence Outline                                      o         3/26                                         50 points
8.    Teacher Meeting                                       o         Make appointment                 
9.    Complete a First Draft                              o         4/2                                           100 points
First draft is rough.  Although it must be complete, you may still have questions, and will want to make major revisions.
10.  Peer Editing                                              o         In class                                    50 points
11.  Complete a Final Draft                             o         4/20                                         200 points
12.  Presentation                                              o         Make appointment                  50 points
 450 points total

All dates are final.  Do not miss a due date.  If you do not complete a step of the process, you will not be permitted to go on to the next step until you complete the missing step.  Missing a date means a deduction of 50%, but only for that step.

·         You must have 10 -15 sources
·         You may use 1 general encyclopedia (specialized encyclopedias are different)
·         You may have 2 web pages (print these, I will need a copy)
·         You must have 2 book sources (check these out)
·         You must have 3 periodicals (print or copy)


Your paper should be 7-10 pages.

Contact Information
If you stay up to date, and follow the directions given, you will do well.  Please see me when you have questions.  When you have a question:
  • check our blog
  • stop by my room after school
  • e-mail me at