Sunday, May 8, 2011

Senior Exam review

Essay questions:
Describe the relationship that Christianity has in FD. Make sure to delineate both its positive effects and its negative repercussions.

When Frederick Douglass was a teenager, he had a friend who persuaded him to carry in his pocket a particular plant root that would prevent his ever being whipped again. When Douglass had a battle with his overseer, Mr. Covey, and was victorious, he gained a new perspective. Explain the effect the special root had on Douglass, what changes took place in his resoluteness, and why the incident was a turning point in his life as a slave.

The keeping of black slaves by whites was considered a sign of the white race’s power and intelligence. Enslaving men and women by keeping them from being educated, according to Douglass, gave the masters a responsibility. What was this responsibility? Explain how Douglass shows that this responsibility was part of the elimination of slavery, and what role people like Frederick Douglass had in its abolition.

Write a character analysis that explores how Gene grows and changes during the course of the novel, ASP. Do you believe that Gene has found peace with himself at the end of the novel? Why or why not? Support your opinions with quotations and other evidence from the novel. 

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