Friday, January 13, 2012

Senior Research Paper Guidelines and Due Dates

This is your schedule and the requirements for your Research Paper.

1.    Working Thesis                                                     Q2
2.    5 Sources with evaluations                       o         1/16                                         30 points
3.    Rewrite thesis                                           o         1/23                                         10 points
4.    5 Sources with evaluations                       o         1/30                                         30 points
5.    Note check                                               o         2/6                                           10 points
6.    Annotated bibliography                             o         2/27                                         150 points
(Includes all sources and thesis)                                                                                                                                      
End Q3 – 230 points total
7.    Sentence Outline                                      o         3/26                                         50 points
8.    Teacher Meeting                                       o         Make appointment                 
9.    Complete a First Draft                              o         4/2                                           100 points
First draft is rough.  Although it must be complete, you may still have questions, and will want to make major revisions.
10.  Peer Editing                                              o         In class                                    50 points
11.  Complete a Final Draft                             o         4/20                                         200 points
12.  Presentation                                              o         Make appointment                  50 points
 450 points total

All dates are final.  Do not miss a due date.  If you do not complete a step of the process, you will not be permitted to go on to the next step until you complete the missing step.  Missing a date means a deduction of 50%, but only for that step.

·         You must have 10 -15 sources
·         You may use 1 general encyclopedia (specialized encyclopedias are different)
·         You may have 2 web pages (print these, I will need a copy)
·         You must have 2 book sources (check these out)
·         You must have 3 periodicals (print or copy)


Your paper should be 7-10 pages.

Contact Information
If you stay up to date, and follow the directions given, you will do well.  Please see me when you have questions.  When you have a question:
  • check our blog
  • stop by my room after school
  • e-mail me at

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