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Annotated Bibliography

Senior Annotated Bibliography Project

  • To synthesize preliminary research into a thesis statement. 
  • To evaluate sources for validity. 
  • To create an annotated bibliography.
  • You will use your research question to conduct preliminary research.
  • After reading a few sources, you will create a thesis statement.
  • You will create an annotated bibliography for your thesis. 
  • You must have a total of 6 sources.
  • You must use both the PSM and the CPL databases, as well as find ONE print source.

  • Thesis Statement - 10 points, due 9-30-11
  • Source Check - 10 points, all 6 sources, due 10-3-11
  • Annotated Bibliography - 60 points, 3 sources due 10-12-11, 3 sources due 10-31-11 (see rubric)

Thesis Statement Rubric

Level 2
 Level 4
 Level 6
Level 8
Level 10


An arguable statement that addresses the purpose of the essay.
Contains little or no argument
A weak argument with little or no insight that fails to address the purpose of the essay.
An obvious attempt at an argument with some insight and purpose
A strong argument with valid insight and a sense of an organizational pattern.

An insightful, arguable, comprehensive statement which displays an organizational pattern.

Annotated Bibliography Rubric

Your sources are interesting and they are all clearly related to your topic.
Your sources are interesting and most are clearly related to your topic.
Your sources cover your topic, but they are less interesting and the relationship to your paper is less clear.
Few, if any, of your sources are related to your topic.  You seem to have no real interest in your paper.

Relative Importance to Subject
You select a variety of research sources that are all written at the appropriate level for this paper’s purpose.  The connection between your sources and your topic are clear;
You select a variety of research sources & most are written at the appropriate level for this paper’s purpose.  In most cases the connection between your source & the topic is clear.
The sources you
selected are less varied, but most are written at the appropriate level for this project’s purpose.  At times the connection between the sources and your topic is unclear. 
You select mostly
one source type (i.e., Internet sites, books, etc.)  Quite often the connection is unclear if there is one at all. 

Annotation: Includes all 6 points. See explanation.
Your annotation follows the 6 points and provides the main conclusions of each source.

You clearly
summarize the main
conclusions of each of your sources and include most of the 6 points for annotations.

You clearly
summarize the main
conclusion of each of your sources, but  fail to include most of the annotation points.

You try to
summarize your
sources, but have
trouble focusing on
the main idea. You
make little or no attempt to include all 6 points for annotations.

Proofreading, Spelling, Grammar, MLA Style
You correctly cite at
least 6 sources
using the MLA style
described in class. Your work is in ABC order and proofread!

You correctly cite at
least 6  sources
using the MLA style
described in class
and there are a few

You cite less than 6 sources and try to use MLA style described in class, but have some

You cite fewer than
6 sources using
your own citation
style or use MLA style but there are many errors

     each source    X10
      each source X8
    each source X6
     each source X4


Mélendez, A. (1990). “The Effects of Local Labor Market on Puerto Rican, White and Black Women.” Journal of Social Issues, 35 (3), 4-24. Considering earnings, unemployment, city size, industrial change, and other variables, the author, a researcher at M.I.T., focuses on the impact of local labor market conditions and infers differences in the long-term trends in labor force participation for each of these groups. He supports the thesis that White women are less responsive to income change and more responsive to the discouraged worker effect when unemployment rises than either Black or Puerto Rican women. Other factors affect Black or Puerto Rican population more so than the White. Based on studies by Bowne and Finegan (1969) and Santana-Cooney (1979) this work goes even further in detailing labor market impact on work force participation.

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