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Cyrano Act 3 Study Guide, Due Wednesday, November 16

ACT 3, Roxane’s Kiss (22 questions total)

Act III, Scene I
livery – a uniform worn by male household servants
steward – one who manages a household or property
trite – unoriginal, commonplace

1. How has Ragueneau’s life changed since Act II, when he was entertaining the poets in his bakery?

2. How does Cyrano utilize the pages for his amusement?

3. How does Cyrano feel when he realizes that Roxane has memorized the poems that Cyrano wrote for Christian? Cite incidents to support your answer.

Act III, Scene II
syndic – an officer of a particular organization who carries out certain duties

1. How does Roxane trick De Guiche into leaving Cyrano and the Cadets behind while the regiment goes to war?

2. What does De Guiche have in mind for Roxane?

Act III, Scene III
discourse – to talk; to discuss

1. What does Cyrano ask Roxane, and why? What is her response?

Act III, Scene IV
1. Why does Christian refuse to memorize Cyrano’s love poems and decide to speak for himself?

Act III, Scene V
1. Explain Roxane’s comment, “I hoped for cream, but you’re giving me water!”

Act III, Scene VI
embellishments – trimmings; added extras

1. In what way do the musicians provide comic relief?

2. List at least four ways that Roxane might discern that it is Cyrano speaking to her and not Christian.

3. How do you think Cyrano feels about Christian’s desire to kiss Roxane?

Act III, Scene VII
rosary – a string of beads used for counting prayers

1. Why does Cyrano give the Friar wrong directions?

Act III, Scene VIII
1. Why does Cyrano decide to help Christian win a kiss?

Act III, Scene IX
1. What arguments does Cyrano give Roxane to win her kiss?

2. Why does Christian hesitate to climb to Roxane for a kiss?

Act III, Scene X
1. Roxane cleverly tricks the Father into believing that he is supposed to perform a marriage ceremony for Christian and her. How does Roxane indirectly ask Christian if he agrees with her improvised version of the letter?

2. Why does the Friar mistakenly think that Roxane is to marry Cyrano, and is surprised that she is to marry Christian? How does Roxane distract the Friar from asking any further questions?

Act III, Scene XI
posterior – the rear
rarefied – made thin or less dense
trident – a three-pointed spear

1. How does Cyrano behave when he encounters De Guiche?

2. Briefly summarize the seven ways that Cyrano invents to travel to the moon. What does this performance reveal about Cyrano?

Act III, Scene XII
1. How does De Guiche react to Roxane’s marriage?

2. What promise does Cyrano make to Roxane after she learns that Christian is going to war?

3. Christian marries Roxane knowing that he is unable to please her intellectually or spiritually without Cyrano’s help. Cyrano helps Roxane and Christian to marry, knowing that he will lose her forever. At the beginning of this scene, before Cyrano intervenes, Roxane is not impressed with Christian. Yet, it is Roxane who orchestrates her marriage to Christian by tricking the priest. Speculate on the motivations of these characters. Why do you think Christian, Roxane, and Cyrano all seem to support this marriage?

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