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Cyrano Act 4 Study Guide, Due Friday, November 18

ACT 4, The Cadets of Gascony (19 questions total)

Act IV, Scene I
besiegers – those who surround and blockade an area hoping to capture it from an enemy
embankment – a protective wall
entrenchments – ditches cut into the ground
sentinels – guards, watchmen

1. Why does Cyrano return to camp without any food or supplies for the troops? What is the reason that he risks his life each day?

Act IV, Scene II
mutiny – an open rebellion against those in charge
reveille – a signal played on the bugle or the drum in order to awaken soldiers in the morning
wadding – stuffing or padding

1. Why does Carbon ask Cyrano for assistance with the men?

Act IV, Scene III
courtier – an aristocrat; a member of the nobility
gluttonous – greedy, voracious
hearthstones – literally, the stones that make up the area in front of a fi replace; symbolically, hearths or hearthstones represent “home”
minuet – a type of dance that originated in France during the 17th century
pastoral – idyllic, rustic
patois – a regional dialect

1. How does Cyrano inspire, or distract, the men from their hunger?

2. What criticisms are made of De Guiche as he approaches the camp?

Act IV, Scene IV
abdicating – giving up; relinquishing

1. What is Cyrano implying when he asks De Guiche about his white scarf?

2. How does Cyrano humiliate De Guiche in front of the men?

3. How does De Guiche use the white scarf to take revenge on Cyrano?

4. In what ways does Cyrano inadvertently reveal to Christian that he loves Roxane and is not writing the letters just to help Christian?

Act IV, Scene V
1. How likely is it that Roxane journeys to the camp and is able to safely cross enemy lines in a well-provisioned coach? Cite incidents from the play to support your answer.

Act IV, Scene VI
galantine – a type of sauce for fish or chicken; a dish made with such a sauce
gallantry – chivalry, courtesy; bravery
lance – a type of spear
topaz – any of several gemstones that are yellow in color
truffles – small mushrooms considered a delicacy

1. In what ways does Roxane’s appearance at the camp help the Gascons prepare themselves for the upcoming battle?

2. What surprise does Roxane have for the men, and how did she manage to bring it?

Act IV, Scene VII
pikemen – infantrymen who carry pikes (long spears)
recoil – the jerking-back movement that a gun or cannon makes upon

1. Why do the Gascons share their food and wine with De Guiche?

2. What does Cyrano confess to Christian about the letters?
Act IV, Scene VIII
frivolous – thoughtless, careless

1. How has Roxane changed since she last saw Christian on their wedding day? Why is Christian disturbed by this change?

Act IV, Scene IX
1. Why does Christian insist that Cyrano tell Roxane the truth?

Act IV, Scene X
formidable – alarming; frighteningly impressive
imperialist – of or relating to an empire
ramrods – rods used for stuffing the charge into a firearm

1. Why does Cyrano fail to confess his love to Roxane?

2. What is ironic about Christian’s death?

3. Explain why Cyrano whispers in Christian’s ear before he dies, “I told her everything. She still loves you.”

4. In what ways has De Guiche changed by the end of this act?

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