Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Chapter 10 Study Guide, Due April 5

Chapter 10 - 30 pts (No quotes)
  1. Why does Mr. Covey whip Frederick?
  2. Why are the slaves so fearful of Mr. Covey? Why does their work go on in his absence?
  3. Why is it “never safe to stop a single minute” (p. 73)?
  4. What does Frederick mean by “Mr. Covey’s forte consisted in his power to deceive” (p. 74)?
  5. Why does Mr. Covey buy a slave to use as a breeder?
  6. Why does he hire Mr. Samuel Harrison, a married man? What irony does Frederick find in this?
  7. How does Mr. Covey succeed in breaking Frederick?
  8. How does Frederick succeed in again becoming a man?
  9. Why does Frederick go to Master Thomas Auld?
  10. Why does he return to Covey? Who convinces him to do so? What does Sandy Jenkins suggest that Frederick do?
  11. How does Frederick win the fight with Mr. Covey?
  12. Why does Frederick contend that Mr. Covey does not turn him in?
  13. What would have happened to Frederick had Mr. Covey turned him in?
  14. Why is Frederick’s battle with Mr. Covey “the turning-point in my career as a slave” (p. 82)?
  15. How are the holidays used to “disgust the slave with freedom” (p. 85)?
  16. Where does Frederick go after leaving Mr. Covey’s on January 1, 1834?
  17. Who is his new master and how does he treat Frederick?
  18. Why does Frederick include the anecdotes about the two religious slave holders Mr. Hopkins and Mr. Weeden? What point is he attempting to make?
  19. Why and where does Frederick begin a Sabbath school? Why is it essential that the slaves tell no one about it?
  20. What would the slaveholders like the slaves to do on the sabbath? Why is this ironic?
  21. Why does Frederick decide to include the slaves in his Sabbath school in his plans to obtain his freedom? Why is this dangerous?
  22. Frederick makes the point that many slaves would “rather bear those ills we had, than fly to others, that we knew not of ”(p. 93). How does this help explain why so few slaves escaped?
  23. How do the slaves plan to run away?
  24. What is the purpose of the “protections” written by Frederick?
  25. What happens to their plan, and how do the “protections” nearly cause their deaths?
  26. What happens to each of the slaves who attempted to run away?
  27. When Frederick returns to Baltimore, what does he do?
  28. Frederick again decides to fight when he is attacked. What happens to him? What does Master Hugh attempt to do for Frederick?
  29. What must Frederick do with the wages he earns each week as a caulker? Why?

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