Monday, March 14, 2011

FD Chapter 2 Study Guide, Due March 17

CHAPTER 2 - 20 pts
Describes the plantation system of Colonel Lloyd; discusses the daily existence of slaves on the plantation.
  1. Who were the family members of Frederick’s master Colonel Edward Lloyd?
  2. What is the relationship of Colonel Lloyd to Frederick’s master?
  3. Was there a pecking order among slaves? Explain.
  4. Why would a slave whose life on a plantation was very bad fear being sold to a slave-trader?
  5. Why was Severe an appropriate name for the overseer? (English)
  6. Why is it difficult to find copies of slave songs?
  7. Why does Frederick suggest that slaves sing out of sorrow rather than out of joy?
QUOTES - Explain the speaker/situation and significance of each quote.  (2 pts each)
“The same traits of character might be seen in Colonel Lloyd’s slaves, as are seen in the slaves of the political parties” (p. 30).
“Crying for joy, and singing for joy, were alike uncommon to me while in the jaws of slavery” (p. 32).

QUESTIONS - Answer all questions in complete sentences (2 pts each)

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