Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Chapter 8 Study Guide, Due April 1

Chapter 8, 20 pts
  1. Why was Frederick forced to return to the plantation after the death of his master?
  2. How was the value of the master’s property determined? How were the slaves valued?
  3. Why was the division of property between Mistress Lucretia and Master Andrew so horrifying to the slaves?
  4. What happened to Frederick’s grandmother after the deaths of Lucretia and Andrew?
  5. How does this anecdote help explain the value of slaves?
  6. How are slaves valued when compared to livestock?
  7. Who owns Frederick by the end of chapter eight?
  8. Why is Frederick forced to leave Baltimore?
“At this moment [valuation of the property], I saw more clearly than ever the brutalizing effects of slavery upon both slave and slaveholder” (p. 60).

“The hearth is desolate. The children, the unconscious children, who once sang and danced in her presence, are gone. She gropes her way, in the darkness of age, for a drink of water. Instead of the voices of her children, she hears by day the moans of the dove, and by night the screams of the hideous owl. All is gloom. The grave is at the door” (p. 62).

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